We are a professional gasoline forklift truck, LPG forklift truck manufacturer. Our forklift truck adopts gasoline, LPG as power sources. It is available with a loading capacity ranging from 1.5 to 7 tons.

Our gasoline, LPG forklift trucks come with high energy and working efficiency. They are therefore welcomed by our clients in South Africa and Africa. For more information about our forklift trucks, please feel free to contact us!

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  • Our gasoline, LPG forklift truck has good working and energy efficiency. It is environmental friendly.
  • This internal combustion forklift truck has a low and suitable gravity center, which is worked out with digital imitation technologies. With its high strength welded steel structure, it can travel or convey products smoothly and reliably.
  • An intelligent system is adopted to control the lowering and buffering of the machine. With this system, the lowering speed of the fork is controlled so as to avoid crush between the pallet and the ground.
  • It has a float type body with a double damping system.
  • This gasoline forklift truck is of smaller turning radius and perfect streamline outline.
  • The tilt cylinder is installed inside for enough space for a driver to rest his feet. In addition, the spacious cab allows the driver to drive, get on or off from the gasoline, LPG forklift truck easily.
  • This gasoline forklift truck is of humanized hydraulic joystick and adjustable steering wheel, with which a driver is not inclined to get tired.
  • It could be installed with an enclosed type cab.
  • Its tank support is reasonably designed for convenient changing of gasoline or LPG tank.
Models & Specifications

Parameters 1.5t-5t Gasoline, LPG Forklift Truck

Model Power type Rated capacity (kg) Load center (mm) Lift height (mm) Engine Options
FG15C GASOLINE/LPG 1500 500 3000-5000 NISSAN K21
FG20C GASOLINE/LPG 2000 500 3000-6000 NISSAN K25
FG25C GASOLINE/LPG 2500 500 3000-6000  
FG30C GASOLINE/LPG 3000 500 3000-6000  
FG35C GASOLINE/LPG 3500 500 3000-6000  
FG40C GASOLINE/LPG 4000 500 3000-6000 NISSAN TB42G
FG45C GASOLINE/LPG 4500 500 3000-6000  
FG50C GASOLINE/LPG 5000 500 3000-6000

5-7ton Gasoline, LPG Forklift Truck

Model Power type Rated capacity (kg) Load center (mm) Lift height (mm) Engine Options
FG50T Gasoline 5000 600 3000-6000 GM 4.3 NISSAN TB42
FG60T Gasoline 6000 600 3000-6000  
FG70T Gasoline 7000 600 3000-6000

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