Irrimec Water Saving Solutions

Already a specialist producer of hose reel irrigators and pump units, IRRIMEC is able to satisfy and supply its customers much wider range of requests. Their range has been extended to include other aspects of irrigation, in particular the lateral move & pivots produced by its associate company “OTECH”, plus booms, aluminium pipes, vertical pumps, slurry pumps, couplers, sprinklers and underground systems.



Machine for irrigation with PE hose from Ø40 mm to Ø160 mm, length from 110 mt. to 800 mt.

Irrigators with pump

Machine for irrigation with motor-pumpa. Hose PE from Ø100 mm to Ø160 mm, length from 350 mt. to 800 mt.

Motor pumps

Pump units with a range from 0 to 350m ³ / h for hose-reel, pivot, lateral move and stationary equipment.


Accessories / Kit / Option : more customization

Irrigation booms

This irrigation system has been developed for delicate cultivations, this reducing working costs and offering advantages:low use pressure (2-4bar).